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Not Done Yet

Local scenery--the peace field in Port Townsend

We're still working away at biking the rest of the 1,000 miles. I just haven't gotten my camera out so keep not posting. But since we're going out from home it seemed appropriate to post a photo of a nice scene nearby.
We did a Quilcene and back trip two days ago and had big plans to ride to Seattle today and have Steve and Mical meet us there. Unfortunately, there was a major downpour so the biking was put on hold. More trips are coming up though and I'll keep you informed. The nearest one is likely to be the 50 or so miles to Port Angeles using the trail that starts by the S'Kallam tribal center, staying overnight and then back the next day.
Mical leaves to go back to school on Friday. Her dog is already sensing it I think. She was gone all day today and he begged to come inside and sat by her bedroom door for two hours before giving up and going back outside. I was gone for 3 weeks and I don't think he noticed.
Finishing the biking is my priority right now, but it's also getting time to be thinking about school starting again, and promoting the re-publishing of "Dream of the Circle of Women." Remember that it has a nice, shiny new cover and I tightened the writing up. Here's where you can order it: http://www.andborough.com/dream_circle.htm
and here's a photo of the nice, shiny new cover:

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