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19 August 2008 @ 10:15 pm
Sisterhood of the Bellingham Pants  

Kathi, me and the glorious bell-bottoms

Kathi's $1 pair of bell-bottoms for someone with long legs (so she thought of me) that she got at a garage sale just because they were too wonderful to pass up. I left them in Bellingham and will have to wear them when I go back in 3 weeks.
We really did leave today. Got up at 6:00, ate more of Kathi's food for breakfast and biked to the train station. We had a nice ride to Edmonds, got our bikes out of baggage and got right on the ferry to Kingston. By that time the sun had come out and we had another beautiful ride from Kingston through Port Gamble, the Hood Canal Bridge, Paradise Bay, Port Ludlow, Oak Bay, Hadlock and into Port Townsend. We didn't even go to the house first. Right to Aldrich's to eat (I bought almost $20 worth of salad--both veggie and fruit) and Nick did some more work. Steve met us there and Mical stopped by. I got to talk to Anne Orth for a minute online and then biked home. I stopped to see the horses before going on up the hill to the house. 3 weeks since I'd been here. It seemed like a long time. My jungle of a garden has several flowers that weren't in bloom when I left.
It's good to be back, have my favorite breakfast for dinner tonight, and get into my regular routine tomorrow. Then we'll figure out routes to finish the last miles. I want to keep some of the spontaneity that made up most of our trip though. It was really nice not to be tied down completely to a schedule. I'll have to work on how to do that now that we're back.
And, I'll start getting ready to send the donated monies to the scholarship fund and the Nature Conservancy. Anyone who still wants to donate--there's a little bit of time still to do that. You can always send it directly to the scholarship fund too. Anyone who wants to know about how to do that can e-mail me.
Back in my own bed now. 52 miles today. Can't stay awake much longer.
kittymomma on August 21st, 2008 03:03 am (UTC)
Hah! and the Biker-looking biddy who said 42 miles was such an accomplishment!

Welcome home! Glad I don't have to feed you. You'd probably bankrupt us! Of course, the cats' food nearly does that now! Glad to hear the trip has been so much for you and Nick. Sure have enjoyed reading your postings.

We're doing pretty well here. Pat's getting ready to take the social work exam again. He's signed up for it, and can take it any time after the 27th. He'll probably wait a couple of weeks since he'll start studying tomorrow. I've been recording the questions and annotated answers from each of the tests. There are four practice tests he has; 170 questions each; 4 to 5 90-minute tapes of recording for each test! Yes, I am getting a bit hoarse! But, anything to get him passed this time!

Our Caitlin nearly traversed the "Rainbow Bridge" last week. She was pretty sick, and really thought we were going to have to say good-bye. I sure am attached to that little stinker. I've had her since she was four 1/2 months old; longer than I've had Pat!!!!! But, with doctoring and lots of spoiling and pampering (allowing her to eat in bed---our bed that is! anytime she wanted) and carrying her around the house, she's decided she wants to stay a little longer. Figures she probably won't have as well-trained slaves "over the bridge". Anyways, she's doing better.

Well, work's going about the same. But, October will be pretty busy; I'll be hosting the Washington State Tribal Librarians' Meeting either the 3rd or the 24th. I've called everyone to find out what date works out best...pretty much even. Oh well, those who can't come one date can maybe come in the spring. It's going to be a lot of work, but will sure be a lot of fun, too! I've attended three others that the Lummi Tribe and the Shoalwater Bay Tribe hosted. We haven't had one in about two years; and some of the Tribes on the Coast (especially Quinault, Hoh, and Queets) are just getting their libraries going and are really excited about meeting others and not feeling so isolated.

I'll find out on Monday what's going on with my arm. Either the more than 400 quilts I've worked on (last count, a couple of years ago!) has caused tendonitis or maybe I have cellulitis. That's two of the causes I'm shooting for. Not looking at anything else at all! I'll let you know what we find out.

Well, got to get back to recording. Only 50 more questions for Test #4; then 170 questions and annotated answers (that means reading the question, all four answers, reading the question again, and then reading the huge paragraph that gives the correct answer, why, and why the others are wrong. People who make up the tests are just pure and utter sadists!)

Anyways, get some sleep, talk to you soon.
Love, Pat and Patsy