dahtiblanchard (dahtiblanchard) wrote,

Still Here and So I Give You...

...Cuteness in Kathi's FRONT Yard.

That's right, we just find it impossible to leave Bellingham. A couple of extra crises at Nick's Portland work headquarters have made it more imperative that he get somewhere quickly to do emergency work than to get to Portland. So, we've now decided to take the train tomorrow morning (couldn't get our bikes on one today) to Edmonds, hop the ferry to Kingston and ride back to Port Townsend. Bad weather and Nick's need to work kept us here instead of biking to Seattle. We're at nearly 600 miles so now we'll work around his hours and finish our last 400 miles pedaling around the Olympic Peninsula. Just because I live there doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful place for a trip.
I've gotten to do a lot of thinking on this trip (a good thing--really!), get a little writing done and spend time with neat people. And eat. Oh my, how I've eaten. We've been on the road for 3 weeks now and even the very few terrifying moments have been so worth it. Three years ago I wouldn't have thought bicycling at all would be much fun, let alone a huge trip with a bike loaded with gear. It definitely is a fun thing to do though. I've already decided to do the big Seattle to Portland 2-day ride next summer. That'll be one of my projects anyway.
I'm looking forward to being home, seeing Steve, Mical, the dogs, horses and even the cats. And getting to walk with the group and getting back to the gym. And riding the Peninsula. And eating my favorite breakfast. It's the only thing I've missed food-wise so far.
So, this is the end of a big phase of the 1,000 mile trip, but not the end of the trip. I'll keep posting.

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