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The Annual Thimbleberry Pie Is Important Wherever You Are

Thimbleberry pie! No more words necessary. Except the blackberry was good too.

Our bikes at the end of a trail around Whatcom Lake.

We're so hardcore--very hot weather and we still keep riding. Yesterday was a lovely trip to the end of the road around Whatcom Lake. We discovered another road there that led to a 6 mile (in and back out) hiking trail through the woods along the edge of the lake. Parts of it really needed a full mountain bike but we managed with ours anyway and it was worth it. Very, very pretty. The regular road around the lake (Northshore Road) was another one without much in the way of shoulders but the farther out we got the lighter the traffic. We were passed 3 times by a truck pulling a boat that made us a bit nervous--it was kind of all over the road and we'd had an incident on Highway 20 that made us both wary of boats on trailers. (We passed an accident just as the police were putting out flares where a boat had flown off its trailer and smashed on the side of the road. Our side of the road.) Other than that, though, drivers went way around us.
We got back around 8:00 and had another great dinner, this time with Kathi and it ended with the incredible pies I'd made. That's not bragging--thimbleberry pie, particularly, can't help but be incredible. Kathi bought an ice cream maker yesterday so Nick is teaching her how to use it tonight and they're going to make raspberry ice cream with some of her raspberries. What a good berry season this is.
We did a ride around Bellingham today and on the waterfront. Once again, a city that I already know (and really like) turns out to be even better than I thought. I'm getting better about city biking too. I have to admit, though, that I feel easier about it being able to bike with someone who has the experience with it.
We're contemplating another major change in our itinerary. I'll post when we've made final decisions. This trip certainly has been an exercise in being flexible and being able to change our minds quickly whenever necessary.
Our plans tonight include taking Kathi to dinner and going to an outdoor event to hear Sherman Alexi speak. I really like his writing but I had very mixed feelings the one other time I heard him speak. I'm looking forward to hearing him again and seeing what reaction Nick has to it.
I'm off for a walk now. I've certainly been exercising my legs a lot but not getting nearly enough walking in. Definitely different muscles used!

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