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Bellingham and All the Goodness Around It

Camping on Lopez--when it's called a 3-man tent it means 1 mom and all the gear. Nick slept out under the stars.

One of my favorite places--Whatcom Falls.

No posts for a couple of days but lots of activity. We left Lopez on the 12:35 ferry on--um--I think Wednesday. Spent time in a wireless establishment in Anacortes for some time so Nick could work. At first it didn't look very promising other than the wireless--it had a sign saying "Mostly Donuts." But, it turned out to be a lovely place with lots more than donuts--a very nice deli with delicious panini and very friendly owners. I, of course, thought it was a particularly fine place when one of the owners exclaimed at Nick calling me Mom--"She can't be your mother! She looks so young!"
We left Anacortes at 4:30 thinking we'd find a campsite somewhere for the night and get into Bellingham fairly early the next day. But, as we pushed ourselves through a bit of wind and hilly windy roads on Chuckanut Drive we decided to go for it and try to get to Bellingham that night. It was a beautiful ride on Chuckanut. Not so beautiful on Highway 20--in fact rather terrifying--but, hopefully that will be the worst section of road on the whole trip.
We rode almost 60 miles--most of it after 4:30 and got to Bellingham just before dark at 8:45. Of course, it was another 6 miles to Kathi's and we took some wrong turns on the way, but there was lots of good bike lane and when we ran out of that we used the sidewalks. We finally got to Kathi's at 10:00, devoured the poor woman's entire supply of blueberries and most of her bread and pesto loaf, then fell happily exhausted into REAL beds. And slept in until 11:00!
Forgot to mention--it's a testament to how tired you can get from the good exercise of biking many miles--both nights on Lopez we slept on hard, lumpy ground with no padding but the bottom of our sleeping bags beneath us but we both slept 10 hours each night.
So, yesterday we found our way to a wireless place again (Kathi has everything you could ever want at her lovely house, except wireless). I did some walking around instead of staying still while Nick worked (though I did get a little more writing done later). Then we took off to ride all the trails I know and love here and a couple more to make 35 miles. I got to take Nick to Whatcom Falls--a place I love and he was suitably impressed. I had wanted to show it to both him and Julia the one time we were all in Bellingham together but we didn't have time.
Kathi and our mutual friend Adelina had gone to the county fair and a Chicago concert but made a delicious soup and salad she left for us to eat when we got back to her house. They came back just after we finished and we got to talk to them for a bit.
This morning I got up early to go pick thimbleberries and blackberries and Nick went to get some work done. Then I made a thimbleberry pie!!! and a blackberry pie which we'll get to eat tonight after taking Kathi to dinner. Food is certainly a highlight of this trip.
Off to bike some more momentarily.

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