dahtiblanchard (dahtiblanchard) wrote,

Performance On a Waldron Stage

Waldron's annual "Cabaret" night.

So the photo isn't actually our performance, but I forgot to give Camilla my camera for that. She did get a shot with Julie's camera so when I can get that sent to me I'll post it. The cabaret is always a fundraiser for something so they have hugely piled tables of amazing looking desserts for sale and silent and not silent auction items. There were many more people there than it shows in the photo. A definite home-grown affair, which is what you would expect from the Waldron community. I came across a couple I recognized from Port Townsend who I didn't know have a place on Waldron. Julie's songs and our renditions of them were, of course, spectacular. Really. Ms. Chedoen, if you're reading this--I have copies of all 3 songs and permission to use them. You'll like them a lot. And I told Julie she'll have to come to Port Townsend to perform them with us.
It's sad to leave Waldron--it's been a lovely time here and the Loyds have been wonderful. They haven't complained that we took up space and ate them out of house and home. In fact, they invited us to stay longer. But, I've now apparently exhausted the island's supply of thimbleberries (I only picked 14 of them today) and so it's time to move on. Plus, there's more pedaling to be done elsewhere and I would like to get home to see Mical before she leaves for college.
So, tomorrow is the official leave-taking. Very early too, I might add. We'll get dropped off in Friday Harbor (one last time), take the ferry to Lopez Island where we'll bike and hopefully find a camping spot. We may not have internet access so I'm not sure when I'll post next. We'll head out the next day toward Bellingham. I must go pack up now and try to get a little sleep in.

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